Morelia Tours and Travel, Inc.

Morelia Tours and Travel, Inc., a corporation located in the heart of Manila was established in 1979 to cater to the travel of seamen from the Philippines.

Through the years, Morelia has adapted to the changing times and soon became an IATA accredited travel agency in 1981. It joined the roster of multi awarded travel agencies, and accomplished full computerization.

Forty four years hence, Morelia still claims authority in terms of travel, has maintained a good following and withstood the competition among travel agencies and versus online booking engines.

Now the official partner of Corporate Travel Management (CTM), a global leader in business travel management services, you’ll enjoy the experience of global travel done differently.




has provided travel requirements to most of the ships’ crew of then well-known shipping companies and has masterfully learned the technique where to direct the flow of seamen traffic. The experience gained was able to capture other shipping companies that has a regular volume of seafarer demand.                                

The company broadened its clientele by adding the corporate department who handles the travel requirements of companies that have a big turnout of frequent travelers. We maintain these accounts through added services that range from visa application assistance, travel insurance coverage and special corporate travel management.

A pioneer in the seaman market would have been hard-up in coping with the increasing demand for the frequent travelers’ need to travel on a package basis (a land arrangement and airfare in one deal) but Morelia’s flexibility and versatility gained a sought-after status mostly in taking care of FIT or Group Tours.

Another big expansion was the segregation of the department handling these FITs from the land-based contract workers and/or professionals being sent to various destinations outside the Philippines.  

We have not overlooked the promotion of the Philippines to foreign patrons so further resources were taken up to make the local department a well-honed customer service hub, domestic flights and vacation spots were tapped. These and the regular tourist transport services equipped with fully loaded coasters are available to accommodate the bulk and volume of bookings of both international and local clientele.


Morelia’s organizational set-up is composed of people who are specifically qualified and skilled to ensure high efficiency A-1 performance. A dynamic group of individuals whose goal is to provide precision and accuracy bound by its objectives to deliver good service and productive results.

Each personnel were chosen accordingly and thus assigned to man the following departments/divisions mainly concentrated on operations:



-Corporate – Global Accounts

-International Packages

-Local Tours



Our agency being an IATA accredited member has been in the field for more than 44 years and by experience is now fully aware of the ins and outs of the tourism industry.

Not to be left out in the present day business development, our office has augmented its efficiency with the adoption and use of two global distribution systems (GDS), Sabre and Galileo. These two GDSs enable our well-trained staff to meet the high demands of passengers.

The marine department’s proficiency and experience, in one glance when given the schedule can generate the best route possible to ensure the arrival of the repatriating seaman and the departure of the joining seamen to meet their vessel. 

In part the corporate department’s close coordination with the tours department in the handling of multi-national companies’ travel requirements whether to local or international destinations in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Canada or America, be it by coach or cruise tour packages, from the bookings until the final boarding passengers get the feeling of being taken-cared of. 

Traveling is not just taking a flight, the documentation department’s role in assisting the traveler in the preparation of all the prerequisites and necessary documents such as passports, visas and permits to enter certain foreign countries, help to expedite travel. The services we give involve the one-on-one personalized touch that keeps clients satisfied, content and assured that they will arrive and reach their journeys.

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Philippine IATA Association of Travel Agents (PIATA) Philippine Marine Travel Agents Association (PMTAA) Department of Tourism (DOT)